Get to Know Finances: What is APY?

Let’s face it. Finances can be confusing. From acronyms to buzz words, it can be hard to understand how finances work and how they impact your daily life. It is our goal to help you succeed and we believe that the more you know, the more confident you will be in your financial decisions. Check back often to learn about more financial terms and phrases so you can better understand your finances.

What is APY Image


Definition: APY is an acronym for annual percentage yield, which is a rate reflecting the total amount of interest paid on a deposit account, based on the interest rate and the frequency of compounding for a 365-day period.

What does this mean for you?: You will see APY on interest-bearing deposit accounts, like a savings account or certificate of deposit (CD). Banks are required to disclose the APY to customers when opening a deposit account. It is important to compare the APY, along with other account features, when looking for a new savings account. The higher the APY, the more your savings can earn.

Source: American Bankers Association